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Banner Stand large format printing offers a superb range of stretched canvas prints in panoramic, square, and split for enlargments of family portraits and photographs to streched canvas prints... Quite simply we offer a super range of Stretched canvas to suit every home or office. We supply Stretched Canvas Prints of varying sizes from standard to custom size, and offer many different services to enhance your home or living room, whatever your style. Family canvas prints and portraits are special and we provide high quality canvas printing and digital colur printing, we have years of experience in colour correction to enshure your family portraits are bright and vibrant.


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Metric Digital Matt Canvas 2400dpi
400mm X 300mm £50
600mm X 400mm £55
800mm X 600mm £75
1000mm X 750mm £109
1200mm X 900mm £155

10 discount off exhibition displays Square Canvas Prints

400mm X 400mm £55
600mm X 600mm £65
750mm X 750mm £85
900mm X 900mm £109
1000mm X 1000mm £165

10 discount off exhibition displays Wide Panoramic Canvas Prints Photos and Prints

1000mm X 400mm £120
1500mm X 500mm £175
1500mm X 600mm £185

Why Not make the most of your photos by turning them into canvas prints. We mount your photos onto planed wooden frames, complete with edge wrapped finish. Banner Stand use the very best canvas materials and quality inks, that ensure the very best results on time every time.

Note: "Gallery Effect Prints" lose about 3cm of your image on all sides as this will be wrapped around the edge of the frame.  It is therefore best to select an image which does not have important subject matter at the very edge of the photo.